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was first manufactured and marketed in baltimore. today the city's museum of industry has an exhibit dedicated to ouija history. >> this is a collection of ouija paraphernalia. >> reporter: catherine duncan is the collection's manager. >> no one knows that the ouija was from baltimore. >> reporter: this is a bit of hometown pride. >> yes. we're a weird town. >> reporter: pictures reveal its place in pop culture. >> it was considered a parlor game, a party game. >> reporter: norman rockwell's cover of the saturday evening post from may, 1920, depicted the ouija as a gateway to more than just another world. >> they're on a date more than likely. it looks like he's trying to take advantage of her more than he should be. >> reporter: legend has it the board picked its own name spelling out o-u-i-j-a. and now a bit of living history. stewart fold and kathy fold are descendents of william fold who owned and ran the company that popularized the ouija. >> i've always said to people, it's just a game. that's how my father felt about it. >> if these things were truly the doorway of the devil,
't the first person to discover the american continent from europe. >> reporter: leaf erickson made land fall in north america centuries earlier. and says this historian who strolled with me through new york city's hispanic society, there were plenty of explorers sailing the seas in columbus' era. >> kind of like space exploration. if it hadn't been john glenn to be the first person to circle the world it would have been another astronaut at that time because the moment was right >> reporter: there are no ditties about amayor go ves puchy and not just because it's hard to rhyme his name. >> columbus came along and with his outsized ego and his sense of destiny and his also passion for recording what he did, he put his stamp on that era. >> reporter: eye ronic since as every school kid knows columbus was actually looking for a trout to china on the nina, pinta and santa maria set sail. even after four voyages when many of his own ship mates were convinced that they discovered a many of his own ship mates were convinced that they discovered a new world columbus refused to acknowledge it. these
for art lovers. for that was the day that guggenheim museum opened in new york city, designed by the legendary frank lloyd wright, the guggenheim is a kur vaish us disruption of manhattan's rectilinear street grid featuring a dizzying rotunda with a spiral ramp. from the first not everyone liked the guggenheim design. one critic compared it to a washing machine. but in a tv interview during construction write made it clear he didn't care. >> heard a lot of that type of reaction. i've always discounted it as worthless. i think it is. >> osgood: though write did not live to see the completed building, millions of others have in the more than half century since. beholding exhibits as eclectic as the exhibit itself. from motorcycles displayed as works of art to a circular celebration of picasso, whose art is currently on display. to the comforting realism of norman rockwell. the guggenheim has hoafed them all. sometimes the building itself has been part of the show >> have you worked here before never reporter: 12 years ago we sat beside artist pike as he transformed the rotunda i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)

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